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{Travel Tuesday: Amsterdam}


{The city flag: by coincidence it is a triple X, the three Saint Andrew's crosses were meant to ward off fire, floods and the black plague}
{People use to have different signs on their houses, which symbolized their job. I found my sisters!}

I visited the dutch capital in late November, and I have to admit, I loved it so much. I had mixed feelings when I arrived because as soon as the train door opened, the strong weed smell hit me. People smoking on every single corner, a 16-year-old guy puking next to the picturesque purple sunset, busy streets that needed a serious tidying, me trying not to lose my luggage while looking at the map on my phone. It was hectic. But in the next days, I realised, this city changes radically after sunset. During day, you can explore the city to its fullest, walk along the canals, go to museums, have a free city tour or why not a bike tour. As soon as the sun goes down, everyone goes insane. 

Most people arrive to Amsterdam with an airplane, but because I bought super cheap tickets to Brussels, I decided to take Flixbus. It takes less than 3 hours, and if you book it on time, you can find reasonable priced tickets. I payed around 30 euros for return ticket.

I kind of screwed up on the sleeping department because I kept on postponing the booking. I wanted to go with Couchsurfing, but only guys would respond and since I was traveling alone, I didn't want to take the risk. So I stayed at Generator Hostel which was quite expensive since it was also weekend. For 100 euros/ 2 nights I didn't get breakfast, towels, padlocks and I had to pay for leaving my bag there for a few hours after I checked out. But it was the nicest place I ever stayed at, really comfy and clean. Also, at night there were big parties and in the rooms you couldn't hear anything. I could sleep like a baby!

Well, there are so many amazing places you can visit in Amsterdam! I am only gonna tell you about the ones I managed to tick off my list, but hopefully will get the chance to go back and visit everything!
1. Van Gogh Museum: This was on the top of my list, but to be honest, I was a tiny bit disappointed. The ticket was around 17 euros, and only a few of his famous paintings were exposed. 
2. Free walking tour - whenever I am in a city alone, I go to a free walking tour because it is the best way to meet other people and explore the city. I went with Sandemans, and there are so many amazing tours like bike tours, red light district tour or alternative Amsterdam tour, which I really wanted to go to but didn't have time. Maybe next time!!
3. Coffee shop - this is a weird one, I know. I don't do drugs, but that doesn't stop me from entering a coffee shop and see others use it. I honestly saw things I never knew existed or only saw it in movies, I also saw a 70 year old guy fell off a bar chair because he was stoned, haha. 
4. Iamsterdam sign at the Rijksmuseum - Didn't have time for the museum, and honestly there were so many people at the sign, I didn't get a proper photo, haha. But if you go in winter time, you can borrow skates and go ice skating! 
If you have more time you can visit the Anne Frank house (be sure to book the ticket in advance!), Vondelpark or if you are interested in science/microbiology you can find the only Microbe museum in the world here: Micropia! 

I met two girls, and we were craving Mexican food, so we went to El Vino Restaurant. It was sooooo yummmmy, best Mexican food I ate!! If you want to grab a morning coffee, I suggest you go to the 't Hotel and grab a coffee, it costs less than a Starbucks and the place is so instagrammable! But also, if you go with a friend/bf you can check out this place as your place to stay as well, saw their rooms look so unique!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Next week I will move to Turkey, don't forget to follow me on Instagram @saci_cfc (or follow #myturkishdiary) to see more pictures!

Have an amazing week!

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  1. Thank you for your tips Saci! I loved your shots and I want to visit this city where I've never been before! :)

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